Navigating Diabetic Neuropathy: Pain Management Strategies

Feb 1, 2024

Diabetic neuropathy, the nerve damage associated with diabetes, affects millions of individuals worldwide. At SOLUTIONS Pain & Spine of Peachtree Corners & Buford in Georgia, we understand the complexity involved with managing this condition, so this article, our pain doctors are offering effective pain management strategies for diabetic neuropathy sufferers.


Understanding Diabetic Neuropathy

Prior to exploring management strategies for diabetic neuropathy, it’s crucial that we gain an understanding of its nature. Diabetics who suffer from diabetic neuropathy usually experience discomfort in their legs and feet that ranges from pain and numbness to digestive system, urinary tract, blood vessel or cardiovascular issues; for some this condition can be mild while for others it may become incapacitating or disabling.


Pain Management Strategies

Our pain management doctors help patients with diabetic neuropathy in Buford, GA, Peachtree Corners GA and the surrounding area. Here are our top pain management strategies:

Consistent Blood Sugar Management: One key aspect of managing diabetic neuropathy is keeping blood sugar within target range, as this will significantly slow nerve damage progression. Working closely with healthcare teams on tailoring your plan to address diabetic management is essential.

Interventional Procedures: We offer targeted pain relief through innovative procedures like nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and intrathecal drug delivery systems.

Medication: Many medications may help ease nerve pain. Examples may include:

  • Antidepressants: Certain antidepressants may help relieve pain by altering chemical processes in your brain.
  • Anti-Seizure Medications: Certain anti-seizure medicines may reduce pain signals through slowing nerve signals down so they are no longer felt by nerve endings and reduce messages that send pain signals.
  • Pain Relievers: OTC or prescription painkillers may help ease less severe symptoms. At

SOLUTIONS Pain & Spine, we tailor medication plans specifically to each patient’s unique requirements.

Physical Therapy: A consultation and regular appointments with a physical therapist can strengthen muscles weakened by nerve damage and help improve gait and balance. Physical therapy may also help alleviate pain symptoms.


Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes:

  • Healthy Diet & Exercise: Incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins into a nutritious diet will help control blood sugar. Exercising regularly also can increase blood circulation to your limbs which in turn lowers your blood sugar levels while improving symptoms.
  • Quit Smoking and Limit Alcohol Consumption: Both smoking and excessive alcohol consumption worsen nerve pain and may accelerate nerve damage, further exacerbating it.
  • Alternative Therapies: Some individuals find relief through alternative therapies like acupuncture, biofeedback or herbal remedies. Before making decisions regarding new therapies for yourself or a loved one, always consult with a healthcare provider first.

Regular Healthcare Visits: Meeting regularly with healthcare team is key in managing neuropathy symptoms and making necessary changes to the treatment plan.

Mental Health Support: Living with chronic pain can be challenging. Seeking support from mental health professionals may help manage both its emotional and psychological aspects more effectively.


Diabetic Neuropathy Services in Buford & Peachtree Corners, GA

At SOLUTIONS Pain & Spine, our goal is to offer comprehensive and compassionate care to individuals living with diabetic neuropathy. Effective management requires working collaboratively between you and your healthcare team —with proper strategies in place, many people with this condition can lead lives that remain fulfilling and active. For more information or an appointment please contact our Peachtree Corners or Buford, GA offices. Together we will find a way to manage neuropathic pain more effectively!