Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block

A Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the injection of a local anesthetic near the superior hypogastric plexus – a network of nerves located in the lower abdomen. By blocking these nerves, this procedure can significantly alleviate chronic pelvic pain.

Who is a Candidate for a Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block?

This procedure is typically recommended for individuals who suffer from chronic pelvic pain due to conditions such as endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, or cancer. It’s also suitable for patients who have not responded well to conventional treatments. Our expert team at SOLUTIONS Pain and Spine will conduct a thorough evaluation to ascertain if a Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block is the best treatment for your condition.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

The Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block is performed on an outpatient basis and usually takes less than an hour. During the procedure, you’ll be lightly sedated and the lower abdominal area will be numbed. Using X-ray guidance, our specialist will accurately position a needle near the superior hypogastric plexus and inject the anesthetic, blocking the transmission of pain signals.

Following the procedure, patients may experience some temporary numbness, but most can return home the same day. Noticeable pain relief often occurs within a few days.

Why Choose SOLUTIONS Pain and Spine?

Our team at SOLUTIONS Pain and Spine has extensive experience in performing Superior Hypogastric Nerve Blocks, ensuring a high standard of safety and efficacy. We prioritize patient education, thoroughly explaining the treatment, addressing all concerns, and providing comprehensive aftercare instructions for an easy recovery.

Our main goal is to effectively manage your chronic pain and enhance your overall quality of life. If you’re experiencing chronic pelvic pain and wish to learn more about Superior Hypogastric Nerve Blocks, please contact us at SOLUTIONS Pain and Spine to schedule a consultation. We’re committed to supporting your journey towards a life with less chronic pain.